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May 29, 2015
Destination: Peru - Motorcycle Travel in South America

Destination: Peru

Peru may be the ultimate adventure motorcycling destination. Alberto Lara and Naomi Tweddle share their travel experience about Peru.

Find out more about Naomi and Alberto at their website.

Information from Alberto and Naomi about Peru

    •    Huaraz - Huascarán National Park:
    ◦    Llanganuco Lakes
    ◦    Paron Lake
    ◦    Wilcacocha Lake
    ◦    Punta Olimpica Pass
    ◦    Portachuelo Pass
    ◦    Pastoruri Glacier
    ◦    Chavin de Huantar Archeological Site
    •    Kuelap ruins near Chachapoyas (Amazonas Region)
    •    Gocta Falls near Chachapoyas (Amazonas Region)
    •    Islas Ballestas in Paracas on the coast "Peruvian Galapagos"
    •    El Señor de Sipan Archeological Site in Chiclayo (Lamballeque Region on the coast)
    •    Chan-Chan Archeological Site in Trujillo (La Libertad Region on the coast)
    •    And your typical touristy spots:
    ◦    City of Cusco & Sacred Valley
    ◦    Lineas de Nasca
    ◦    City of Puno & Lago Titicaca
    ◦    City of Arequipa
    ◦    City of Cajamarca
    ◦    City of Ayacucho
    ◦    Machu Picchu
    ◦    The Amazon jungle: Iquitos, Tarapoto, Puerto Maldonado, Pucalpa, Manu National Park, Pacaya-Samiria National Park
Routes we mentioned:
    •    Angasmarca to Mollepata to Pallasca (dirt) - La Libertad Region
    •    Chugay to Aricapampa to Pataz (dirt) - La Libertad Region
    •    Dead-end road to Calemar from El Pallar (dirt) - La Libertad Region
    •    Road from Pomabamba to Yanama (dirt) - Ancash Region
    •    Cañon del Pato (dirt) - Ancash Region
    •    Cascas to Contumazá (dirt) - La Libertad Region
    •    Nazca to Cusco (paved) - Nazca/Cusco Regions
    •    Celedín to Chachapoyas (paved) - Cajamarca Region
    •    Panamerican Highway south of Nazca (paved) - Nazca/Arequipa Regions

Official websites to find out more about traveling and what to do in Peru:
    •    Visit Peru
    •    Peru Travel

Motorcycle rentals and tours in Peru: (most of them based in the South of Peru: Cusco)
    •    Peru Moto
    •    Cusco Moto Tour
    •    Peru Moto Tours
    •    Motorcycle Tours Peru
    •    Peru Motors
    •    Peru Motorcycle Tours


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May 21, 2015
Embracing Change and Why You Need It - Jacqui Furneaux


Meet Jacqui Furneaux, a dedicated housewife and nurse, who found that life had changed as she approached her 50th birthday. Jacqui, who has a love for travel decided to embark on an a year’s journey, backpacking in Thailand and South-East Asia then to Pakistan and India. There she met a Dutchman who inspired another change for her. She bought herself a Royal Enfield to celebrate her birthday, and although none of it was planned, she decided life was too short and she took a chance. 






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Nate Hudson, an experienced rider since the age of 16, is about to take a 17,000 mile trip to promote Allstate’s “Ride for Awareness”. On this road trip he will cross all 50 states to raise awareness about the role that motorists play to help protect motorcyclists. Nate has some surprising statistics that prove how important this campaign is.




Facebook: Allstate Motorcycle


Instragram: @BA_Moto



Mobile App: Allstate GoodRide App

May 15, 2015
Sam Marcora - Rider Fatigue, What Motorcyclists Have in Common With Soldiers

Samuele Marcora, is an avid motorcyclist and the Professor of Exercise Physiology at the University of Kent, UK

Sam Marcora has been an adventure rider since he was fourteen years old. He is now grown up and the Professor of Exercise Physiology at the University of Kent, UK.

Sam travelled 13,000 miles, just shy of 21,000 Kilometres from London England to Beijing China with 14 other riders ona GlobeBusters Expedition to study the eefects of fatigue on the body of motorcyclists doing long distance travel.

On this episode:

Is coffee effective at combating fatigue?
How long before you need to stop for a break?
Does riding make us fat? and much more...

 Related Links:

Sam Marcora


Music in this episode:

By: Cullah
Title Track: Neurosis Of The Liver
Album: Cullah The Wild

May 8, 2015
ADV Motorcycle Suspension II with Touratech and Traxxion Dynamics

ADV Motorcycle Suspension II

Part two of our motorcycle suspension series.

Max McAllister from Traxxion Dynamics and Ian Glynn from Touratech USA have loads of tips and explainations for both front and rear motorcycle suspensions.


  • What to look for in a new suspension.
  • What question to ask before you buy.
  • Do bugs affect your motorcycle?
  • How to tell if you need a new shock.
  • How to tell if your motorcycle needs suspension service.

Sam Manicom with a GEM that we call Riding Ancient Roads.

Related Links:

Free Audible book at and 30 day pass.

Sam Manicom

Ian Glynn Touratech-USA

Max McAllister Traxxion Dynamics

See more at

GEM - Sam Manicom


When Jim asked me to think about a favourite route, my first thoughts were of rides in Africa, Australia and Asia, but then the Fosse Way in England leapt into my mind. It did so for quite a few reasons.

It has an amazing history

Beats the hell out of riding the motorway 

It’s great fun to ride

And I think it’s a route that any visitor to the UK should add to their ‘To Ride’ list.

The full 370 mile route was originally laid down by the Romans and it ran from Exeter, way down in the South West, right across England in an almost diagonal line to the city of Lincoln in the North East.

Most people know that the Romans were famous for building amazingly straight roads. Sometimes doing so across geography that simply wasn’t straight line friendly and this route certainly isn’t that. 

Some of the sections are on the original Roman route and some simply run close to it, but all the time you are riding through history and magnificent rolling countryside.

The Route?

I’m going to take you on a section of the Fosse way which covers roughly a third of the way. Your ride can take you just a few hours but you might want to stretch it into a couple of days; even a week. You’ll be ending your journey in a world famous theatre – if you choose! 

The ancient Roman city of Bath, or Aquae Sulis , is a great kick off point. The city sits on top of a thermal spring and the Romans developed spa baths. In the Georgian times the healing nature of the waters attracted the rich and so the city developed into a very classy and popular place. Anyway start in Bath, but give yourself a couple of days to explore first. 

Ride east on the A4. 

Then head north onto the A429 near the M4. (The motorway between London and Wales.) You’ll be passing close to the Bury Camp which is a circular Iron Age fort. If you’ve never seen one an Iron Age fort site then it’s worth taking your first detour.

The A429 takes you through the old Royal Air Force Airfield at Kemble, towards the city of Cirencester. 

Cirencester is a really nice small city, which still retains some of the original cobble stone roads. Once, the city was the second largest Roman settlement England. Visit the award winning Corinium Museum as it’ll give you a really good taste of the area you are now riding through.

Staying still on the A429, carry on in the north easterly direction towards Fosse Bridge. Just before you get to Fosse Bridge, hang a left and head over to the Chedworth Roman villa site. It’s a fascinating place to wander around.

But on with the ride. If you’ve been on the road early then Stow on the Wold makes a great place to stop for lunch. If you are taking your time, it’s also perfect place to stop overnight. You have a stack of ancient and beautiful Cotswold stone hotels and plenty of Bed and Breakfast’s to choose from, and there are camping sites nearby. 

At one time the Stow on the Wold crossroads made it a natural place to trade goods coming from all over the region – even as far away as Wales. There’s a market there every Thursday but nothing like as big as those of early days. There are two horse fairs - one in May and the other in October. The May fair is the biggest and one of the biggest Gypsy gatherings of its kind in the UK. 

Next, simply stay on the A429 through Moreton in Marsh until just north of the village of Halford. 

After Halford you ride onto a minor road, the B4455. This next 45 miles of amazingly straight road takes you just over an hour and a half to ride and includes small but very picturesque villages such as Brinklow.

End up at a busy crossroad with the A5.  You can carry on towards Leicester on the Fosse Way, but my advice is here is to turn around and do this last section again! 

From Bath to this turnaround point on the A5, is just 110 miles! If you haven’t stopped anywhere then you’ll have done it in around 3 hours, but I’d lay odds on you stopping quite a few times. 

My suggestion is that you head back to Halford and then hang a right. 8 miles later, end your ride in Shakespeare’s  town,  Stratford upon Avon. 

The beauty of this road is that you can ride it the way you want to. You may want to ride it twice!

Top tip: Add in some extra time to scoot off and explore some of the small pretty villages that are within a few miles of the Fosse Way. 

May 1, 2015
Ted Simon of Jupiter's Travels  Motorcycle Adventure Book- Happy 84th Birthday! In Depth Interview.

Ted Simon talks about his life, his world famous motorcycle book, Jupiter's Travels and his view on adventure travel and what adventure means to him.

It is a great conversation that covers areas we haven't heard anywhere else. Including, quite possibly, answers to previously unanswered questions like, what prompted the great motorcycle trip in Jupiter's Travels.

Some of Ted's friends drop by to wish him a happy birthday including Iain Harper from Jupiter's Travellers.


Make sure you get Ted Simon's photo book of Jupiter's Travels called Jupiter's Travels in Camera. A photo essay of the original trip in Jupiter's Travels.


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Ted Simon

The Ted Simon Foundation


See more at Adventure Rider Radio Motorcycle Podcast and Radio Show

Apr 24, 2015
In For A Shock! with Grant Johnson, Ted Porter and Jim Martin

You're in for a shock, literally with this episode that focuses on suspension. We will learn so much on this episode and all from the experts. Grant Johnson walks us through the basics and Ted Porter from The Beemer Shop answers some hard questions on suspension and if you think this isn't about you - think again. 

See more at

Apr 17, 2015
Simon Pavey Off-Road School - Class 2, AltRider Packing Adventure Bikes

Simon Pavey - off road racer and riding instructor from Off-Road Skills in the UK talks about his world class BMW adventure motorcycle rider training school. 

Off Road Skills

AltRider's Don Hogan and Jeremy Lebreton discuss soft luggage and thier new pannier system that may revolutionize the way we pack adventure motorcycles.


More on

Apr 10, 2015
Off Road Training School Class 1 - Attend or Skip? GEMS and Allan Karl Goes to China

Off-Road Training School - Attend or Skip Class?

We look at off-road riding schools beginning with PSSOR this week with Bret Tkacs. Do you really need lessons to ride your adventure bike off road or can you learn through the school of hard knocks. After-all isn't that how the pros learned? Find out on this episode of Adventure Rider Radio.


New Feature: GEMS

Our new feature Gems, is a focus on great riding areas or destinations that are not mainstream through the eyes of locals who know them intimately. You need to listen to this so you don't miss some incredible rides as you travel.
On this weeks Gem, Spencer Hill shines some light on a great riding and camping area that you have likely ridden right past. It's location? The Pacific NorthWest of the US.

Spencer Hill

Allan Karl Goes to China

Allan Karl is the author of FORKS, the book and now he is about to embark on a journey to China to produce a multi episode documentary for television.


Apr 3, 2015
Herbert Schwarz - Still Living The Dream

Herbert Schwarz - Not a Typical CEO - Still Living the Dream


The name Touratech is well known among, especially, BMW fans but not the name Herbert Schwarz. Find out why.


Herbert Schwarz is not your typical CEO. He does run an expanding business with three hundred plus employees but his real passion is what got his company started - adventure motorcycling. Find out what Herbert says about what he'll do if work prevents his riding.


More at


Mar 27, 2015
Carla King - Russia Comes to America in a Rough State

In 1995 Carla King rode a Russian Ural motorcycle around the borders of the United States as an experienment for her, a publishing comany and Ural America. After endless breakdowns and problems Carla, the Ural and the sidecar made the trip but not until many parts where replaced on route. Carl wrote her book American Borders about the trip. On this episode Carla talks about her book and motorcycle adventures in general.

Grant Johnson from Horizons Unlimited gives a chain adjustment instruction guarenteed to turn your difficult chain adjustment into a five minute breeze. :)

Graham Field talks about his new book preprint amazing offer - visit

Carla King:

Grant Johnson:

Mar 20, 2015
Glen Heggstad - Motorcycle Trip Gone Wrong - Captured and Tortured He Comes Out on Top

Glen Heggstad had some tough beginnings, including foster homes and living on the street. He travelled at the age of 16 and joined a bike gang in his early twenties but soon changed his ways and took up martial arts. Learning progressed to teaching and soon Glen had the most successful martial arts school in his area and became well respected for his school and his work with troubled youth.

Glen then decided to retire from martial arts competition and loaded his motorcycle for adventure heading south for Tierra del Fuego. Except it didn't quite work out as planned, Glen was captured in Colombia by rebel guerrillas and held prisoner. He was tortured, starved, beaten and abused during his five weeks in captivity but he managed to stage his imminent death which won him freedom.

After that horrific ordeal he didn't even go home, Glen had his original goal still in his sights and never let go. - He rode to Tierra del Fuego as planned. Incredible story.

Visit Glen Heggstad's website at

Mar 13, 2015
It's Snowing - Perfect Riding Weather? Doris Wiedemann - Picking Up Your Bike.

It's Snowing - Perfect Riding Weather?


Doris Wiedemann

Doris Wiedemann is an author, journalist and world motorbike traveller and she loves riding her bike in winter snow. Yep, you read that correctly, winter snow. You can hear it in her voice, she really loves riding in slippery, cold snow on two wheels. Doris gives us some tips on picking our bike up after a fall. Who better to talk about picking up a motorcycle than someone that rides in the snow. :)


More about Doris Wiedemann at:



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Mar 5, 2015
Pillion Power Shirley Hardy-Rix and Brian Rix - 2Up or Not?

Pillion Power

Ups and Downs of One or Two Bikes


The ups and downs between riding with two bikes or one for two riders.

Brian Rix and Shirley Hardy-Rix discuss the things to consider with Jim Martin. You'll be surpised what they say.

Feb 27, 2015
Tiffany Coates Grand Adventure Part 2, Packing Light Avoids Travel Mistakes, Mototourer - The New Facebook of Biking?

Tiffany Coates Grand Adventures continued from last week. We left her in Timbuktu on the previous episode, so listen in to see where she ends up next.

We also talk with Ben de Boer, founder of Motortourer, the company “building the world’s largest online social community solely dedicated to bikers around the world” - quite possibly the next Facebook for bikers? 

And Grant Johnson from Horizons Unlimited on packing light and avoiding common mistakes for travel. 


Packed with great information and stories, don’t miss this episode!


Tiffany’s Twitter: tiffanystravels

Tiffany’s Website:

BMW short documentary on Youtube:




Horizons Unlimited:


Tiffany Coates Grand Adventures continued from last week.
We left her in Timbuktu on
the previous episode, so listen in to see where she ends
up next.
We also talk with Ben de Boer, founder of Motortourer
, the company “building the
world’s largest online social community solely dedicated t
o bikers around the world”
possibly the next Facebook for bikers?
And Grant Johnson from Horizons Unlimited on packing ligh
t and avoiding common
mistakes for travel.
Packed with great information and stories, don’t miss thi
s episode!
Tiffany’s Twitter: tiffanystravels
Tiffany’s Website:
BMW short documentary on Youtube:
Horizons Unlimited:
Feb 20, 2015
Tiffany Coates' Grand Motorcycle Adventures PART ONE

Tiffany Coates


Part 1 of Tiffany Coates' Grand Adventures


Considered the world’s foremost female bike adventurer, Tiffany Coates has covered more miles than any other solo female rider. She’s a well travelled motorcyclist, visiting many countries and having ridden over 200,000 miles. In 1997, Tiffany and her best friend Becky took a crash course for beginner motorcycle riders, got their licenses and few months later Tiffany set out on her first bike trip of many to come. Now an international freelance motorcycle guide, Tiffany is still always on the lookout for adventure on two wheels.


Intrigued? Ladies, do you want to join Tiffany on an all woman’s tour in India this summer? Check out the tour she is leading on Royal Enfield bikes at


Twitter: @tiffanystravels



BMW short documentary on Youtube:

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