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Adventure Rider Radio motorcycle podcast - The voice of moto travel, is motorcycle adventure travel around the world. Experienced moto travellers and industry motorbike pros with tech tips, instruction and stories of adventure motorcycling with host, Jim Martin on the most popular adv rider podcast in the world. Every Thursday a new episode brings motorbike travel stories and information for all motorbike enthusiasts. Inspirational, motivating and educational.
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The Voice of Moto Travel

Dec 2, 2014
Using Local Forums for trip Planning & A 1969 Royal Enfield going from Sydney to London

On this episode of Adventure Rider Radio we speak with Don Parsons about his style of motorbike travel with a pickup, trailer and of course his motorcycle as well as the tremendous benefits of using local forums for trip planning.


In the second segment of the show Jonathon Gibson talks about riding his 1969 Royal Enfield from Sydney to London and how the “maintenance heavy” bike makes for an overall richer experience.

Don Parsons, Lacombe, Alberta, Canada


400 Day North American Motorcycle Adventure - With a Twist


A man and his motorcycle…oh, and his truck and his camper. Phew! Half way through his North American adventure, Don shares with us the advantages of travelling with his truck and trailer, and stopping at interesting riding destinations on the way. He talks about how local web forums in Canada and the United States provide the ultimate planning tool for the moto-adventurer. Motorcyclists passing through get intimate local knowledge on things to do and see, roads not to be missed, places to camp out and also provide the opportunities to meet local motorcycle riders. 


Top 30 Motorcycle Rides by Mike Jacobs


726,307 Kms / 451,306 Miles of Motorcycle Rides in 83 Countries




Jonathan Gibson - 


In 2012, Jonathan Gibson rode a 150 cc Honda motorcycle around South America. And now, riding his vintage motorcycle, a ’69 Royal Enfield, the same make and model bike his grandfather rode at his age, Jonathan is traversing solo from Sydney to London. 

Often moving at the pace his motorbike dictates, he set out looking for the answers to help him understand a family tragedy. Jonathan rides to help raise funds for Beyond Blue, an Australian charity that helps people deal with depression and anxiety. The best part for Jonathan? He loves his old, and sometimes broken down, Royal Enfield and the adventures they share together.


Jonathan’s Website 



Beyond Blue


Nov 25, 2014
Aussies Overland -Shirley Hardy-Rix and Brian Rix Addicted to Moto-Travel

Aussies Overland


Brian Rix has been riding motorcycles since he was young on his father’s farm near Victoria in Australia, mustering sheep during his school holidays on a motorbike. Passionate about travel, he dreamed of travelling around the world on a motorcycle. Lucky for Brian, his wife Shirley Hardy-Rix enjoyed riding pillion and agreed to go along for the ride. 

So in 2003, Brian, a career policeman and Shirley, who had her own media business, took time off from their normal middle class life and fulfilled their lifelong ambition of motorcycling around the world on a BMW 1150GS. In one year, they traversed 27 countries and rode more than 56,000 kilometres.

And then in 2011, Brian and Shirley, both now retired, shipped their 2008 BMW 1200GS Adventure to Santiago, South America and rode from the bottom of South America to the top of North America, then through Western Europe and Southern Africa, visiting 5 countries altogether and covering over 80,000 kilometres. All in 16 months. 

They have shared their adventures by writing two books, “Two for the Road” and “Circle to Circle”, an inspiration for anyone who wants to experience the world by motorcycle, especially happy couples riding pillion.


Join us as we talk to Brian and Shirley, a spirited couple who decided to live life to the fullest and just do the ‘big trip’ they dreamed about. 


Aussies Overland Website


Horizons Unlimted Website


Nov 18, 2014
Nick Sanders - The Fastest Man Around The World By Motorcycle

The Fastest Man Around the World by Motorcycle

Nick Sanders is the Ultimate Long Distance Motorcycle Rider

Nick is certainly the long distance motorcycle rider, but if you think hes all about just getting on a bike and riding it, well you haven't got to know Nick. On this episode of Adventure Rider Radio Nick discusses his own technique for LD riding and some much deeper subjects about the ride. Your ride.


Find out mmore about Nick Sanders at his website.

Nov 4, 2014
Somewhere Else Tomorrow - the movie by Daniel Rintz

Somewhere Else Tomorrow - the movie 

by Daniel Rintz

Daniel Rintz was born in East Germany at a time when world travel was impossible for his family, but as he entered his teen years the wall fell and Daniels world fell wide open for adventure. Rintz missed nothing in this experience and embraced travel whole heartedly and is now riding adventure motorcycle around the world with Joey, the love of his life.

With a rough plan, a motorcycle and NO MONEY Daniel and his friend Lars depart for an around the world adventure with a bizzare twist. That they plan to make money to pay for while enroute and have virtually no safety net.

The film - Somewhere Else Tomorrow is a well crafted piece with stunning photography and thought provoking narrative. A must-see.


Visit Daniel Rintz's website at to buy the movie or learn more about Daniel and his quest for adventure.



Oct 28, 2014
Solo VS Group Adventure Motorcycle Travel with Jim Martin, Brent Henry, Bill Hooykaas, Greg Powell

Group VS Solo Adventure Motorcycle Travel

The pro's and con's of group versus solo travel.

Bill Hooykaas and Greg Powell with their Two Ways Down presentation from this year's HUBB meet in Ontario, Canada and ARR host Jim Martin and adventure rider and photographer Brent Henry discuss their experience and things to consider when traveling with a group and solo.

Greg Powell's website

Horizons Unlimited Meetings


Oct 13, 2014
Mondo Sahara with Austin Vince

Mondo Sahara with Austin Vince

Chasing Breadcrumbs through the Sahara Desert with Austin Vince

ust one cacheSeven friends go chasing breadcrumbs through the worlds most desolate and remote location. Missing just one cache of food and fuel buried at random GPS points by a friend with a 4x4 truck could mean death. Austin talks about why this group of friends would do something like this.

Why you ask? Because its there.

Sep 24, 2014
Simon Pavey - Back to Dakar & Exclusive Off Road Tips for Adventure Rider Radio

Simon Pavey goes back to Dakar for 2015. Simon talks about his life as the owner of Off Road Skills - the official BMW training centre for the UK.

Also, exclsuive off-road riding tips straight from the master himself for Adventure Rider Radio listeners.

Simon discusses workiing with Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman on Long Way Round.

Amazing interview!

Sep 17, 2014
ADV Rider Jeremy Kroeker, HUBB Travelers Meeting in Ontario Canada

Jeremy Kroeker on Traveling South America and the Middle East

Jeremey Kroeker lives in Canmore Alberta but travelers the world and has a unique and light hearted way of relating to it. Jeremy talks about his two books on his moto journeys and his view of the world.

Ontario HUBB Travelers Meeting

Adventure Rider Radio host Jim Martin stops by the Ontario, Canada Horizons Unlimited Travelers Meeting to see what happens behind closed doors - and open ones at that. :)


Jeremy Kroeker

Horizons Unlimited Travlers Meeting

Sep 8, 2014
Border Crossings with Grant Johnson from Horizons Unlimited

Border Crossing by Motorcycle with Grant Johnson


Grant Johnson from Horizons Unlimited on how to handle border crossings, muggers, fixers, bribes, cons and other border problems with some insider "secrets" on getting through the border with as little trouble as possible.


Crossing borders by motorcycle can be fun an interesting using Grant's methods and advice.

Sep 1, 2014
Lisa Morris & Jason Spafford Adventure / Graham Field Tank Box

Lisa Morris / Jason Spafford & Graham Field.

Lisa Morris began in 2012 as a new rider only to jump in with both feet with her partner and experienced rider Jason Spafford. Did she manage to cope and if so, how. Listen-in.

Also Graham Field may be starting a new motorcycle fashion and you heard it here first - on Adventure Roder Radio.

Aug 25, 2014
2 Ride the World - Part 2 Simon & Lisa Thomas / Harold Cecil from Giant Loop

Simon Thomas & Lisa Thomas

2 Ride the World - part two

Heres the second part of Simon and Lisa Thomas talking about adventure travel, 11 years on the road, broken bridges and a broken neck, best motorcycle tires for their trip, motorcycle choice, panniers and much more. After eleven years on the road Simon and Lisa have wealth of information on overland motorcycle travel for us. Don't miss this one.


Giant Loop Motorcycle Bags

Harold Olaf Cecil - founder and owner of Giant Loop

Harold Olaf Cecil from Giant Loop tells us how two guys with an idea developed a successful motorcycle packing system that is now found around the world. Harold and ARR host Jim Martin talk about the merits of moto clubs and one reason we NEED to be involved with one.

Aug 18, 2014

Ryan Pyle's Circumnavigates China by Motorcycle

Ryan Pyle

Adventurer / Presenter / Producer / Photographer 

Motorcycle adventurer, award winning photographer, public speaker, documentary film maker Ryan Pyle circumnavigates China. Documenting the trip on video for a later developed television series he and his brother Colin earn a Guinness World Record for the trip. Ryan talks about the experience, riding in China, the China motorcycle scene and living in Shanghai. There's a good chance that you'll find yourself looking to ride in China after this interview.

Ryan Pyle's Facebook page -

Website: Ryan Pyle


TECH TALK: Easy Chain Adjustment

With Grant Johnson from Horizons Unlimited


Grant Johnson from Horizons Unlimited walks us through a proper chain adjustment and then gives a step by step method to make chains adjustment as easy as lifting your finger - no measuring involved.


See more of what Grant does at Horizons Unlimted

Aug 11, 2014
Graham Field - Documenting My Life / Tire Talk with Continental Tire - Jeff Reid

Graham Field - Motorcycle Adventure Rider

Documenting My Life & Unconvential Trip Funding

Graham Field is an adventure motorcyclist and author from the UK with some very unique ideas for life, including ocumenting every day. Not just when he does one of his epic trips but every day. Graham also financed a trip with an unconvential source that you wont believe but should try.

Tire Talk with Continental Tire America

Continental Tire Rep Jeff Reid talks tire tech - tire pressure, traction, cupping on front tires as well as how to tell how old your tire is and why you should care.


Visit Graham's website at:

Aug 5, 2014

Part 2

Part 2 - Sam Manicom - Travler, Motorcyclist, Author, Writer, Speaker, Adventurer

Sam Manicom spent eight years traveling the globe on his R90GS BMW motorcycle. He suffered through breakdowns, jail, court, ailments, injuries and had the time of his life doing it. Sam talks about his travels, retails us with incredible stories, talk about bike mods - what worked and what didn't and far more.

This is part 2 of the two part show.


Aug 5, 2014

Sam Manicom - Travler, Motorcyclist, Author, Writer, Speaker, Adventurer

Sam Manicom spent eight years traveling the globe on his R90GS BMW motorcycle. He suffered through breakdowns, jail, court, ailments, injuries and had the time of his life doing it. Sam talks about his travels, retails us with incredible stories, talk about bike mods - what worked and what didn't and far more. Listen in to this two-part show.

Bike Ergonomics Set-up by Grant Johnson of Horizons Unlimited

Grant has also travelled the world but is likely best know for being the founder of Horizons Unlimited with his wife Susan. Grant and Susan help organize and host HU meets all over the world and at some of those meets, along with all the other demonstrations and informational talks, Grant does his demo on setting your bike up perfectly for you. On this show he runs through an audio version of his program to help you set up your bike to not only fit you but to feel the best it ever has. 

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